Covid 19, Minihospital’s contribution to tests for doctors

1 April 2020
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1 April 2020 Amministratore

MiniHospital, in collaboration with SNAMI (National Autonomous Union of Italian Doctors), has decided to make its contribution and has prepared in a short time the possibility of performing serological tests (blood tests) for the detection of antibodies IgG and IgM anti-Covid 19 (with RT-PCR technique), capable of indicating whether an individual has a answer immune system more or less recent and whether it is necessary to proceed with diagnostic investigations in accordance with regional provisions. It is understood that the knowledge of this condition is very important especially for family doctors and for all the other health workers in the area, particularly exposed to the risk of getting sick and spreading the virus.

The objective of the initiative, in addition to protection against doctors, is to contribute to the knowledge of the mechanisms of the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 , thanks to the subsequent data processing < / strong> performed in synergy with all the professionals involved.

The health situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic requires, in addition to responsible behavior that faithfully follows the ministerial indications, a contribution as broad as possible by everyone to the fight to the < strong> spread of the virus .

Knowing the epidemiological trend in the local population, health workers and all citizens, and above all identifying who is the carrier without symptoms, will be very important for the prevention of infections and also to acquire knowledge , on the behavior of this new virus, necessary for those who are operating in the field or carrying out scientific research activities.

Therefore MiniHospital has started administering the test from 30 March to all the doctors who make the request. The path does not concern symptomatic or quarantined subjects, who must strictly follow the indications provided by the path Covid 19 of the reference ASL and of the Tuscany Region .

Obviously, not only the doctors and the healthcare personnel in general are the recipients of the initiative: at the request of your family doctor, all patients will also be able to access the serological test.

The exam is performed only by appointment and provides a simple blood sample : the stay in the structure is therefore reduced to a few minutes, without waiting and following a path dedicated exclusively to this examination within the facility, checked and sanitized after each delivery and entrusted to staff equipped with the appropriate devices to ensure their own and patient safety.

To book the serological test, you can call the MiniHospital at 0587 609134.

During the booking phase, the acceptance can send the applicant the confirmation of the “exam booking” by email, to be shown to the police in case of inspection (in addition to any request from the attending physician).