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Ilaria Mariancini


Ilaria Mariancini graduated with honors in Physiotherapy from the University of Pisa in 2011. She specialized in Neurocognitive Rehabilitation in the field of developmental age (Perfetti-Puccini method) and has attended and collaborated with the L.S. Vygotsky Study Center in Pisa (a national reference point for training and study on the method), actively participating in many training, study, and research events. She worked for eight years in Pisa at the Professional Studio of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation in developmental age, a national outpatient reference point for the Perfetti-Puccini method.

Areas of expertise: Developmental age issues including: congenital neurological pathologies of the central nervous system (cerebral palsy) and acquired (following ischemic events, hemorrhages, brain tumors); congenital or acquired peripheral nerve injuries (obstetric paralysis, peripheral nerve injuries); idiopathic musculoskeletal problems (scoliosis, congenital clubfoot) or secondary to neurological pathologies; psychomotor delay (from premature birth, genetic syndromes, and others); dyspraxia, learning disorders.

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