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Susanna Uggeri


Doctor Susanna Uggeri represents excellence in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation, with a professional career that spans over three decades. Qualified to practice as a surgeon since 1987, she has dedicated her life to the care and well-being of patients, standing out for her competence and dedication.

With a specialization in anesthesia and resuscitation, Dr. Uggeri has acquired extensive experience working in different medical settings. After having gained significant professional experience in Livorno and in the suggestive Garfagnana area, he currently works at the Sandro Pertini Minihospital, where he continues to offer an invaluable contribution to the medical team.

His expertise in anesthesia and resuscitation is reflected in his ability to accurately and professionally manage a wide range of medical situations, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients during surgical procedures and medical interventions. Dr. Uggeri is renowned for her attention to detail, her calm under pressure and her ability to make quick and effective decisions in critical situations.

+39 0587 609134


Anesthesiology and pain therapy

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