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Join Our Team

We are currently hiring personnel for the positions of physiotherapists, nurses, healthcare assistants, and radiology technicians to join our team. The ideal candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, a predisposition for human relationships, and the ability to work well in a team.

Required qualifications:

  • Sociability, availability, patience, and strong interpersonal skills with a predisposition for human relationships and teamwork.
  • Good knowledge of the main utility programs for PC and excellent communication skills.

The search is open to both genders (Law 903/77 and art.8 D.lgs 196/00). To apply, please select the desired position from the dropdown menu in the contact form, attach your resume, and submit your application. Alternatively, you can submit a spontaneous application.

Three reasons to work with us:

Joining a highly motivated team which has been selected not only on the basis of skills but also to build (and maintain) a business climate of great collaboration and serenity. Working in this climate guarantees satisfaction, safety and competence.

Participating in a startup and thus contributing to building a company while being able to make one’s own contribution. The company considers this contribution as a value and intends to utilize it; the appreciation of the contributions and ideas of the collaborators is established in the company’s subscribed values.

Joining a company that believes continuous training is the cornerstone for providing a service according to quality standards. This company attitude values its staff by ensuring professional development and training through internal or external courses where expertise is found (according to the Annual Training Plan).

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