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In MiniHospital, our daily commitment is to provide excellent and humane healthcare. We are deeply grateful for the experiences shared by our patients and their families, which constantly inspire and guide us in our daily work. In this section, we proudly present the testimonials of our patients, authentic and true experiences that tell stories of resilience, hope, and healing.

Each testimonial is a story of restored trust, compassionate care, and paths toward healing. We are honored to have the opportunity to share these stories, which illustrate the positive impact MiniHospital has on people’s lives. Each voice represents a precious chapter in our story, demonstrating our commitment to making healthcare accessible, welcoming, and of high quality.


Dedication and professionalism

On October 5th, I was at your facility for some instrumental exams. Unfortunately, while returning to my car, I accidentally fell, resulting in a fractured scaphoid, as diagnosed by you, and some bruises. I am writing to express my gratitude to all the medical and non-medical staff who took care of me, intervening promptly and providing me with the best possible care. A special thank you to the nurses, cardiologist, and orthopedist who were present at the facility, as they left nothing to chance and assisted and treated me with dedication and professionalism.

Once again, your facility has demonstrated with dedication and professionalism the attention given to those who turn to you and the importance it holds for the Valdera area and beyond.

With this opportunity, I extend my warm regards and heartfelt thanks.

Silvia D.T.

Working with passion makes the difference

Good evening,

I am writing solely to extend my congratulations to the Management of this healthcare facility.

Right from the start, with the courteous, patient, and efficient reception staff, there is a serene and welcoming atmosphere, for which I would like to thank the ladies at the reception, the very skilled and friendly nurse in the blood sampling department, and the doctors Carlo Giustarini, Aurelio Nicola Savino, and Dr. Elisa Malacarne. All three made me feel comfortable, I felt that I received a thorough and attentive examination, they explained what they were checking for, and presented the report in a understandable and detailed manner. In recent months, with my parents, I have visited various facilities and hospitals, and today, with your medical and non-medical staff, I felt the alive difference between “working” and “working with passion.” Congratulations to all.

With gratitude and esteem

Barbara A

Thanks for taking care of me

One day, you find yourself in need of someone to take care of you, and on that same day, fate brought me here for a surgical procedure at Mini Hospital in Capannoli, where I found a state-of-the-art facility and staff who were not only highly skilled but also endowed with a great deal of humanity and altruism, qualities that are extremely rare today. In short, a THANK YOU to Mini Hospital, a THANK YOU to Dr. Massimo Campana who operated on me along with the reliable anesthesiologist Dr. Pullera, and a special THANK YOU to the nurses and all the staff who took care of me perfectly. We need to believe that we can improve this Italy because there are men and women like them; we need to believe more in a country where the “few” make it ugly and the “many” suffer the consequences!!! I am one of the many who still appreciate these things and see room for improvement, and I will never stop fighting for values and for things to get better, for my family, for friends, and for all those who share work, sports, and LIFE with me every day. THANK YOU to all those people who, with a message, a phone call, made me feel their closeness. May God bless this facility and may God bless those who truly want to bring about change.

Enrico L.

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