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Useful information

Detailed and essential information about the MiniHospital Sandro Pertini Healthcare Facility. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to answer any questions.


Easily book online, call us at +39 0587609134, or write to us via email at


Retrieve your reports directly online or call us to schedule an appointment +39 0587609134.

  • MON 08:30a.m/8p.m
  • TUE 08:30a.m/8p.m
  • WEN 08:30a.m/8p.m
  • THU 08:30a.m/8p.m
  • FR 08:30a.m/8p.m
  • SAT 08:30a.m/13p.m

Through hospital agreements, we ensure easy access to our services for patients covered by health insurance and medical assistance programs

How to reach us

FIPILI heading out of Ponsacco. Superstrada SS439 between Ponsacco and Capannoli.

Waiting Lists

The ASL Tuscany North West sets the criteria for waiting lists for institutional services, while for private ones, the booking order is considered.

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