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The breast examination consists of a complete clinical assessment of the breast by a breast specialist. This simple and painless examination aims to identify any potential breast-related conditions such as the presence of nodules, nipple discharge, inflammatory and/or painful conditions affecting one or both breasts. The breast examination is also used to monitor the progression of known conditions. The breast specialist also utilizes the results obtained from mammography and ultrasound and, based on the various results, will decide whether to propose a biopsy if necessary. During the examination, the breast specialist will ask for information about the patient’s medical history and habits and lifestyle (diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, level of physical activity and sedentariness, etc.), any family history of breast cancer, age at first menstruation and/or the onset of menopause, pregnancies, any hormonal therapies followed, and medication use.

Contact us for a breast examination or a unilateral/bilateral breast ultrasound.

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