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Free podiatric consultation: a day dedicated to painful feet

On Wednesday, October 7th, starting from 2:00 PM at the MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini,” it will be possible to undergo a free podiatric consultation dedicated to those suffering from typical foot disorders.

The consultation with the Podiatrist consists of an evaluation of the main foot issues, including: analysis of foot support and gait, flat feet, high arches, identification of nail fungus, warts, and ingrown toenails, assessment of thickened and deformed nails, hyperkeratosis (calluses), and the study of custom-made insoles.

The consultation lasts for 20 minutes. To participate, it is necessary to book by October 6th. To do so, you can call 0587609134, write to, or fill out the form below.

To undergo the podiatric consultation, it is necessary to present a medical prescription explicitly requesting podiatric consultation.

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