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Alessandro Perotti


Dr. Alessandro Perotti specialized with honors in Urology at the University of Pisa.

He obtained a second-level Master’s degree in Andrological Surgery and Gender Dysphoria from the University of Trieste.

Currently, he is a Medical Director at the University Urology Clinic of the Cisanello Hospital in Pisa.

He is the head of the Urological Day Surgery and outpatient urological surgery at the Pisa University Hospital.

He specializes in ultrasound and instrumental diagnosis (prostate biopsy, cystoscopy, urethroscopy, uroflowmetry, etc.) and in the medical and surgical treatment of major urological diseases:

  • oncological pathology of the prostate, kidney, bladder, and testicle;
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia: mini-invasive medical and surgical treatments (Laser, Rezum, TPLA, TURP);
  • urinary incontinence, kidney stones; cystitis, prostatitis, orchiepididymitis.

He is also involved in andrological surgery and Gender Dysphoria surgery:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • penile prosthesis placement;
  • congenital and acquired curved penis;
  • varicocele;
  • phimosis;
  • sex reassignment surgery.

In March 2023, he was appointed “Subject Expert” for the Scientific Disciplinary Sector MED/24 Urology for the academic triennium 2022-2025 for the Urology examination commission in the Single Cycle Master’s Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pisa.

Since November 2023, he has been a Lecturer in the second-level Master’s in Andrological and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Pisa.

Today, he consults and operates at the Minihospital Sandro Pertini.

+39 0587 609134




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