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MiniHospital donates gloves and masks to the “Lotti” in Pontedera

The health situation determined by the Coronavirus pandemic requires, in addition to responsible behavior that faithfully follows ministerial guidelines, the broadest possible contribution from everyone to the fight against the spread of the virus.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, MiniHospital has implemented all internal structural and organizational initiatives to ensure safety and protection for patients and its staff. At the same time, MiniHospital has promptly made its equipment and services available to support the Regional Health Service, particularly the local Health Authority, in activities related to epidemic control.

MiniHospital’s new initiative is a donation to the “Lotti” hospital in Pontedera. Yesterday afternoon, the Medical Director, Giuseppe Lombardo, delivered 2000 masks and 2000 gloves to the hospital pharmacy so they can be used by healthcare personnel of the local Health Authority engaged in the daily fight against the virus, both internally and in the Valdera area.

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