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MiniHospital: the accreditation process with the Regional Health Service has begun

MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini” has submitted an application to obtain institutional accreditation from the Tuscan Healthcare System. Institutional accreditation entails the recognition of potential providers of services within and on behalf of the National Health Service.

This concession is granted to companies or facilities already authorized to carry out healthcare activities and can demonstrate specific quality, transparency, and humanization requirements. Quality requirements encompass both structural aspects such as comfort and technology, as well as those related to reception, assistance, and care processes.

To effectively operate within the healthcare system, MiniHospital will need to negotiate an agreement with the Tuscan Northwest Health Agency and define the services to be made available.

Our interest in obtaining accredited status is driven by the commitment to maintain and verify quality requirements, directly linked to a logic of continuous improvement, necessary at all levels and areas: clinical, relational, and administrative.

Although we believe that quality in the healthcare sector is an ethical obligation before being a formal one, maintaining quality requirements is essential to provide adequate and correct healthcare, assistance, and human services, a necessary condition to maintain accreditation and pass the periodic checks conducted by the Tuscany Region.

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