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Sports medicine

Sports medicine

It is a relatively young branch of medicine that deals with the correct practice of sports activities, both among young people and among older individuals, and with all the pathologies that incorrect execution can cause. In recent years, indeed, there has been a strong emphasis on physical activity as one of the pillars of well-being, but this must be performed with the right methodology and accompanied by a correct dietary regimen.

These visits certify the patient’s suitability for non-competitive and competitive physical activity.

In the latter case, after conducting the patient’s examination, the sports physician relies on anthropometric evaluation, spirometry, baseline ECG, exercise ECG, and urine examination. No special preparations are required from the patient.

Sports medicine has now taken on an indispensable role in the preparation of professional athletes, who often require a multidisciplinary medical team, consisting not only of sports physicians but also dietologipsicologiphysiotherapists ed orthopedic specialists.

Furthermore, the sports physician may prescribe physical activity as therapy or prevention for certain issues such as scoliosis, flat feet, sciatica, sciatalgia, cervical problems, or hallux valgus.

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