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The new conference hall at MiniHospital ‘Sandro Pertini’

Despite all the difficulties marking the current period, the construction work for the new conference hall at MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini” is progressing at full speed. When completed, it will be able to accommodate up to one hundred seated people and host conventions, congresses, conferences, and meetings dedicated to healthcare professionals.

The conference hall, housed in the wing of the structure designed to accommodate patients and still under construction, has been conceived to be connected with an audio-video system directly to the operating room. In this way, participants will be able to follow surgical interventions live for educational purposes, with images projected in high definition. Additionally, the conference hall is equipped with two simultaneous translation stations that will allow attendees to easily follow international speakers. To effectively manage events, the hall has a dedicated control room from which a technician can coordinate lights, images, and audio.

Alongside the construction of the area dedicated to patient care and the implementation of continuous cycle surgery (expected in the coming months), the setting up of the conference hall is another step on the path that will lead our facility to expand and broaden the scope of its activities, in order to offer the public an increasingly comprehensive range of services.

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