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Thyroid: Free Ultrasound Screening on July 2nd at Sandro Pertini MiniHospital

On Saturday, July 2nd, starting at 9:00 AM, our expert endocrinologists will be available to provide information on the health status of your thyroid and parotid glands.

Screening will be available by appointment, either by visiting the Secretariat of the MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini” at Via Gramsci 29, Capannoli, or by calling the number 0587 609134.

Nodular formations of the thyroid are present in 40-50% of the population, and the majority are asymptomatic and benign in nature. Only 5% of them are associated with thyroid dysfunction, and malignancy is found in only 0.3% of cases. The detection of a thyroid nodular formation is often incidental during an ultrasound performed for other reasons (e.g., color Doppler ultrasound of the neck vessels), but the examination performed by experienced specialists acquires greater value.

Ultrasound with color Doppler is, in practice, a very important examination to exclude or suspect any thyroid problem, even related to the malfunction of the gland, and allows for comprehensive and precise information on the composition of thyroid tissue, the status of the blood vessels surrounding the thyroid, and the presence and characteristics of any associated lymphadenopathy.

How does it take place and what are the useful information to consider?

The consultation conducted at the MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini” facility is performed using an ultrasound machine, which is a measurement instrument equipped with a probe applied by the specialist physician near the thyroid gland. The consultation and screening do not require any preparation and will have a total duration of 20 minutes.

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