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Chest x-ray: why do it?

Chest x-ray is one of the examinations available at MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini” in the area dedicated to imaging diagnostics. This examination uses X-rays to produce images related to the chest cavity and the structures within it. It is a quick and easily performed procedure, with the only risk being the use of X-rays, making it contraindicated during pregnancy.

What is a chest X-ray

During a chest X-ray, a beam of X-rays is passed through the patient’s body: a small part of the radiation is absorbed, while the remainder is transmitted to a detector, such as a photographic film or a monitor, providing “images” of the bones and soft tissues, such as the breasts, lungs, and heart.

Chest X-rays can be performed standing or lying down, even using portable machinery: the radiology technician monitors and ensures the execution of the examination in the required position, also in relation to the clinical question, and the immobility of the person, who must hold their breath for the short period of time necessary.

Compared to other investigative methods, such as CT scans, chest X-rays do not require the use of contrast agents, as the air in the lungs acts as a natural contrast medium.

Why undergo a chest X-ray

A chest X-ray allows for the observation and evaluation of both bony parts (clavicle, sternum, ribs) and non-bony parts: lungs, heart, blood vessels, the possible presence of fluid or air in the pleura (the serous membrane lining the lungs) and in the pericardium (the serous membrane lining the heart).

For this reason, chest X-rays are one of the first instrumental examinations useful for assessing any consequences of chest trauma, investigating the onset of shortness of breath, chest pain, or cough associated with fever. The examination helps to diagnose and monitor bronchitis, pneumonia, possible lung emphysema, heart failure, or lung neoplasms.

Chest X-rays at MiniHospital

In the area dedicated to diagnostic imaging at MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini,” chest X-rays are performed with the assistance of the XFRAME DR SYSTEM radiological tube, which allows for X-rays at rest, under stress, or under load. The digital detection system allows for rapid acquisition and visualization of images with reduced examination and reporting times.


  • No preparation is required to undergo a chest X-ray.
  • It is advisable to bring any diagnostic examinations (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs) previously performed on the same body area.
  • It is advisable to bring the report of any specialist visits performed.


  • Confirmed or suspected pregnancy. Since X-rays involve radiation, their use should be reserved for strictly necessary cases in children.

To undergo this examination, booking is mandatory. To make an appointment, you can write an email to or call our secretariat at +39 0587.609134.

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