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Psychology is the science that analyzes psychological phenomena and processes. It studies human behavior, aiming to understand and interpret mental, emotional, and relational processes. With the goal of promoting the improvement of patients’ quality of life, psychology focuses on aspects such as memory, intelligence, learning, communication, emotions, affectivity, motivation, frustration, aggression, and conflict.

In the safe space of therapy, the psychologist welcomes the patient and helps them identify their own skills and resources, addressing various disorders and conditions. Among the main ones are psychosomatic illnesses, panic attacks, anxiety states, insomnia, eating and sexual disorders, depression, and phobias.

Through dialogue and psychodiagnostic tests, the psychologist employs cognitive tools and intervention strategies for prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and psychological support aimed at individuals, groups, social organizations, and communities.

Possible paths: counseling path, support path, single or couple parenting support, individual smoking cessation path

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