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Booking a visit at Sandro Pertini MiniHospital is now easier than ever

Thanks to the new online booking service, scheduling a visit to MiniHospital “Sandro Pertini” is now even simpler and faster. On the facility’s website, there is a system available that allows you to choose the desired service and the specialist who offers it, and to check the calendar, sending the request directly.

To book a service, you can use the dedicated “Book a visit”  page or use the widget available on all pages of the website, located at the bottom right.

To make a reservation, simply follow the instructions of the interactive form, check the availability of the specialists, and submit the request. At that point, you just need to wait for an email or an SMS confirming the appointment, which will provide all the necessary information.

The bookable services includespecialist outpatient medicine  and many diagnostic imaging tests. Once the service is selected, it is possible to indicate.

Once all the relevant information is entered, the system provides a list of available appointments and their respective prices. At that point, all that remains is to choose the day and time that align with one’s needs and confirm the booking online.

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