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Staff training at Minihospital

Competence and Training: Our Obsession

At Minihospital, we believe that the professional development and well-being of our staff are crucial for ensuring quality services and securing the future of the company. From the outset, even before our opening, Minihospital has been promoting and funding periodic courses reserved for internal staff, both in the healthcare profession and in team-building and relational skills, involving the best professionals and university professors in the relevant fields. This year, we will be celebrating 4 years since the opening of our clinic and four years of training initiatives.

Before the opening, a two-week course was organized within the clinic for a group of nurses, healthcare assistants, radiology technicians, and administrative staff. The course aimed to familiarize them with the company, rules, laws, and protocols for the subsequent opening of the facility, and from this group, the first hires for the structure were selected.

Since then, we have held one or more courses for internal staff every year, integrating training activities on machinery, which have been highly appreciated by the staff themselves.

The courses have covered both strictly professional and organizational aspects to improve relationships and the working environment. A particularly innovative example was a team-building course held on the open sea on sailboats owned by a volunteer association, delivered by expert instructors in group healthcare work (as well as experienced skippers).

Most recently, a 72-hour internal course, divided into three modules, concluded this month. The first module focused on the quality of healthcare and medical issues, delivered by external nurses and experienced medical professionals with teaching expertise. The second module focused on the use of new radiological technologies, primarily dedicated to our medical radiology technicians, who benefited from a course on Mammography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging delivered by highly experienced healthcare professionals from the best healthcare companies in Tuscany. Finally, the third module, aimed at all healthcare and administrative staff, focused on quality management, work organization, and innovation skills.

All this effort over the past four years has been made possible not only by the assistance of an external training company that has supported us in organizing the courses but also thanks to our internal training facilitators who have dedicated some of their time beyond their usual work activities to the realization of the courses. It is also thanks to the culture fostered by the company’s leadership, who understand how crucial investments in technology, recruitment, professional development, and staff well-being are for delivering excellent healthcare services. Because healthcare is primarily made by the people who provide it, before anything else.

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